about gst in india | three types of GST CGST/SGST/IGST

                                             ABOUT GST IN INDIA

Hii friends. 

about gst in india

Do you know what is GST? 
         Today I tell you what is gist and what is the full form of gist…….!
1.)  The full form of GST is
2.) What is GST?
            Goods and service tax (GST) is a comprehensive indirect tax charged each time the                  supply is made  each times the goods are sold and/or service are rendered, except on the exempt goods and service.
3.)  Do you know?  What are the categories of GST?
           Three categories of GST…….|
·         Central goods and service tax (CGST);
·         state goods and service tax (SGST)
·         integrated goods and service tax (IGST)
Do you know?  Why are the three types of GST..?
4.) Central goods and service tax  (CGST)  what they are……
The central goods and service tax use in within state.
5.) State goods and service tax (SGST) what they are……
           The state goods and service tax also use in within state.
     Do you know (SGST) and (CGST) both are used together.
6.) Integrated goods and service tax (IGST) what they are……
The Integrated goods and service tax use in out of state.
Did you know (IGST)  use in out of state.
Do you know 4 types of (GST) Rate?
1.) 5%
2.) 12%
3.) 18%
4.) 28%

CGST   = 50%       
SGST    = 50%
                  IGST   = 100%

                For example:-  CGST and SGST
                If CGST, SGST is 5%, then both will cost 50% 50% ie. CGST 2.5% and SGST 2.5%. GST is inclusive of both, and is applicable to any goods. 100%…..|  
   For example:- IGST
          If  IGST  5% is 5% then its % seems to be 100% ie. 5% of 5% will be IGST.