What is the WordPress Vs what is the blogging
Blogger vs WordPress
What is blogger and how does wordpress work
Blogger or WordPress both provide an option by which you can show your website in search engines through them.  Which is called hosting, if all this is not there, then we cannot show our website in Google.
what is hosting
We call it hosting, through which we can show our website in any search engine, let’s say there is my website and it has all the posts or photos which we have to show to the public but we cannot show it, that’s why we are hosting  Through this, we can show any post or photo of our website in any search engine by adding our website to it.
blogger hosting
Blogger gives us hosting for free, through which you can add your website to the search engine or there is a free hosting in which we cannot pay money, it is a Google product which is absolutely free but after taking Google Blogger hosting, you will get a lot. Must have some knowledge of coding
wordpress hosting
To use WordPress, you must have or have a paid plugins, similar to blogger, but here you get a lot of plugins in which you also have knowledge of coding because you can do blogging, here you get a lot of plugins Through which you can boost your website
blogger is good or bad
Blogger is a Google product that you can use for free. To use Blogger, you should name a lot of things, only then you will be able to do blogging properly, it is very important for you to have the most coding.
WordPress is good or bad
WordPress This is a paid platform, from here you cannot do anything without money, it is important to have money in your pocket, only then it will give posting but you will need to do little coding in it, here you get a lot of plug-ins which can be installed. can use by
Blogger vs WordPress
If we consider expert opinion, then WordPress is a very good hosting provider, but you can have money to use it and if you have money then you can go with WordPress hosting, you get a lot of plugins in WordPress, which is easy. Blogging is done and blogger is a free platform, you do not have to pay any money to use it, but you do not get any plugins in it, so you will have to do blogging yourself, for this you should have a little knowledge of coding.