download button html code for blogger In such a way, you get the download button plugins on WordPress, using which you can easily setup the download button in your website page, but no such plugins are available on the blogger website, due to which many people use the download button code. Use as images but there is no harm in this, but uploading images reduces the speed of the website page, which has problems in SEO and problems in Google ranking, that’s why I advise you to use coding And to put the download button coding on your website but many people don’t know how to do the coding and upload that image I have given you the below (HTML and CSS ) coding so that you can use the downloading button by copying it and adding it to your post.

button html code, and download image, from blogger post, If you upload download images on your website, then your website may be slow. I recommend that you add download button on your website with the help of HTML CSS codes.
How do I add a download button on Blogger? copy paste the code from here in your website blogger post
People also ask
How do you make a download button in HTML?
How do I add a download button?
How do I use HTML download?
Copy code (HTML CSS) download button html code for blogger 

download button html code for blogger

 Download link htmlšŸ‘‡

How do I create a button in HTML?
create a button first code line
<a hraf=”URL”…… this code is used for url , After that
“URL”><button class=” btn…..   After that
Style” border-……  After that
height:50).  (width:400px;”> name for example button</ button></div></a> šŸ‘ˆclose tag in HTML complete your code

Download image from download and copy link tha pest your blogger website

Download button imageDownload button image