How to become a software engineer

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 In the era of this technology, a software engineer is considered to be a very big post, nowadays there is no work being done in any company without software in any government company, so the demand of software engineer is increasing day by day in the rest of the world of engineer.  Software engineer is considered to be the most intelligent from an engineer. If you talk about a senior software engineer, then his salary IPA  Is also much more to Google companies such as Microsoft software engineer package of salary in millions

 Software engineer work

 work of software engineer

 1).  Software development

 2.) Programming language

 3.) software testing

 4.) data handle

 5.) software designing etc.

 Software development, programming language, software testing, data handling, software design are all done by a software engineer.

 Some research has shown that most software engineers do their business by not working in a company.

 Talking about the salary of a software engineer, in the beginning their salary is very less

 15000-25000 but as their experience increases, so does their salary.

 Those who have 10-year or 15-year experience, big companies like Google Microsoft give them all their own job offers and pay 150,000 salary a month and as the experience keeps growing, their salary increases even more.  Lives

 Nowadays, in our country India, software engineers are also given more salary, but still software  engineers go to work abroad from India.

 America’s Google company or Microsoft company is mostly from software engineer of India, among them big companies like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, apple, India’s software engineers are also the highest.

 While there are software companies in our country, most Bangalore has the highest number of software engineers.

 How to become a software engineer (software engineer kaise bane)

 If you want to become a good software engineer, then you should already have more interest in mobile, laptop, internet, all these, should be most interested in technology, no one becomes a similar software engineer, he has to study a lot (IAS)  A software engineer has to study more than IAS) General Knowledge or Question Answer is not available in the software engineer exam.  There are programming languages ​​which are very difficult, you can answer them by making questions or answer questions in any of them, but there should not be a single place in the programming language, otherwise the whole software gets spoiled.  If you have to write this … If this is done then the whole program gets spoiled, a lot of hard work is required to become a software engineer.  Ming language have to study a lot to learn coding, which were not only leaves the ordinary man.  So first the programming language is not well understood then we have to move forward

 Top 10 programming language

 1.) C

 2.) C ++

 3.) JAVA


 5.) Html

 6.) php

 7.) JavaScript

 8.) sql

 9.) Ruby

 10.) C #

 Software engineers or software developers have to learn all these languages ​​very well.

 If you are not able to learn all these languages ​​then you cannot become a good software engineer.

 You have to learn programming language and it is very important to understand it, more than that you need to have knowledge of English and Mathematics.

 Educational Qualification for Software Engineer

 1.) BCA: bachelor of computer application

 2.) in computer science ya information technology

 3.) bachelor of science in computer science information technology

 4.) CS Diploma computer science diploma

 After 12th, you can step into all these fields to become a software engineer. These are all Bachelor courses in which you are given all the information related to programming language technology (programming language, coding, designing.)

 After obtaining these Bachelor degree, you can get Master Degree in MCA, M.TECH, MSC, and in this Master’s degree you can get the advanced knowledge that you are taught in Bachelor degree, you will learn as much as you can in the world of software  This is very little for you, so you should always keep learning and keep knowledge, keep learning from yourself even senior so that you can become a good software engineer.  Could not

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