How to increase cpc in Google adsense

 Friends, today I will talk about how to increase CPC for your website if you have a website and you post a lot and your Google Adsense CPC gets reduced significantly, what is the reason for that, first of all, you have to know that and then how  If you talk about it, then you read the entire article.

how to increase cpc in adsense

increase cpc in Google adsense
 You have a website and you have a lot of experience that I can post a lot for my website and I don’t think that new bloggers are new bloggers but wow they post a lot, due to which their CPC increase is very high  Goes down due to which many people quit blogging

Now let’stalk about how to increase CPC
How to increase CPC It is important for new bloggers to know how to increase from anyone, then friends, first of all, your keyword should be correct, which is very high CPC, the same keyword should work.

How to increase google adsense CPC

To increase the CPC of Google Adsense, first of all you will have to do keyword research, which is very high CPC keyword, work on it, it will increase your CPC.
Now you have to work on the keyword.  Now how will you know which keyword is running more CPC, then there are many websites where keywords are worked on.  (But let me tell you how CPC works,
 (1.) Friend you will know that companies make Ads through Google Adsense. Nu
(2.)   Now how do companies get ads.  Friends, you will know what is the difference between a branded company and a local company. Friends, the rate of branded company is high and the rate of local company is very low.  Accordingly, Google AdSense works now which is a more expensive keyword such as a BMW car and a bicycle now over the cycle.

What is BMW Car and Bicycle
 What is bmw car and bicycle friends. These are both keywords. I have given both these names to explain to you. Now let’s talk about BMW car keywords and cycle keywords, then friends.  It is very low, that’s why you will get the CPC of its word quite low. Now let’s talk about the BMW car keyword, friends you will know that  MW car What month comes then it will be much higher CPC high on Word because companies are much sought product that spends money on that you will come to understand the meaning of the CPC

 how to know which keyword has a CPC of how much
So friends, today I can tell you about such SEO tools which is absolutely free, right now you can search any keyword from here and see how much CPC is running on this keyword, after that you can write an article on that keyword.

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 So friends, you have to work on the richest keywords, then your CPC will increase, so I hope you have liked an article.